Aerial Drone Surveying – An Introduction

Aerial Drone Surveying Bristol

Introduction to Aerial Drone Surveying

Aerial drone surveying is becoming increasingly popular in the mapping, agriculture, construction and real estate sectors. Aerial drones (aka unmanned aerial vehicles or shortened to UAVs) when combined with both image and laser scanning technology are the perfect solution when carrying out surveys of large tracts of land, tall buildings, derelict structures, railways, motorways and highways.

Pinpoint Mapping provides a complete aerial drone survey service with a full range of drone solutions including aerial photography, video recording and 3D laser scanning available to our clients. We have quickly become the go-to for developers, planning consultants, construction companies and architects when needing a survey at height, particularly in locations difficult to access.

What is an Aerial Drone Survey?

An aerial drone survey is an innovative method of surveying at height and requires the launch, flight and landing of a radio-controlled drone by a ground-based pilot. The reader should note the pilot must be CAA qualified here in the UK and fully insured before commencing with any commercial drone flights.

The purpose of an aerial drone survey is to record high resolution digital imagery, obtain video recordings and capture 3D point cloud data of the site of interest. As imagery is recorded during the survey flight, it can be transmitted in real time to the pilot’s smartphone or tablet for immediate viewing.

What Are the Advantages of Aerial Drone Surveying?

In terms of advantages, there are many reasons to deploy aerial drones to carry out measured surveys:

  • Safety

  • Site access

  • Speed

  • Cost savings

Laser scanning combined with drones also offers many advantages over other survey technologies. Merging aerial drone and laser scanning technologies enables highly accurate point cloud data of land surfaces and buildings to be captured and used to create accurate 3D terrain models and 3D building information models respectively.

Aerial drone surveying is an affordable and fast solution in gathering accurate information about buildings and construction projects too: with the ability to inspect and survey inaccessible areas (such as roofs) the captured data can be used to create 3D models of buildings. Drones can be deployed to visually confirm whether a structure is structurally sound before commencing work. Drones also does away with the need for expensive scaffolding and ladders and helps to save time and money.

Where Can Aerial Drone Surveys Prove Valuable?

Aerial drone surveys from Pinpoint Mapping results in a first-class comprehensive visual inspection of any site – with the latest in drone survey technology we can provide clients with the following services:

Monitoring the progress of construction sites
Building condition surveys
Assessing building heat loss (commercial and residential)
Solar farm thermal imaging inspections
Coastal monitoring 
Real-time assessment of flooding
Visual record of heritage buildings and historic structures
Agricultural field inspections
Crop health monitoring
Imagery for residential marketing purposes

… and many more!

With the ability to reach inaccessible and hazardous sites, the team at Pinpoint Mapping will use the latest in drone tech to provide you with a broad range of drone surveys and inspections, all in a fraction of the time and the cost when compared to traditional surveying practices.

What Deliverables Can Be Supplied From Aerial Drone Surveys?

Pinpoint Mapping can create digital outputs in a variety of formats and files to help you with your project. Files can include JPEG photo files, MP4 video files, 2D contours, 3D Point Clouds, DSM models, .dxf and .shp, 3D textured mesh and plenty more.

Contact us today to get your drone surveying needs taken care of. We will provide you with a quote and we will deliver your project within your budget and on time.