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Highway Surveys

Detailed Highway Surveys Solutions

Detailed highway surveys from Pinpoint Mapping provide an accurate plan of the road, its utilities and other infrastructure related features. Our service accurately locates highway boundaries, road channels and kerb lines, all road markings, lane delineation and central reservations, building positions, utility service covers, poles and overhead cables, trees, landscaped areas and cross-section levels. We can draw upon many years of surveying experience throughout the UK. Our team of surveyors have experience in surveying motorways, road junctions, dual carriageways, single carriageways and associated bridges & culverts. 

Highway Surveys – Benefit From Our Experience & Expertise

Our highway surveys cover all aspects of highway infrastructure including trunk roads, motorways, city centres and residential areas. Employing the most modern laser survey equipment in conjunction with our experienced highway surveyors permits increased production rates allowing us to complete large amounts of surveying in a limited time. Factoring in the usual highway surveys considerations, there are other key issues such as traffic and public safety to consider. Nevertheless, our team of highway surveyors can efficiently action the client’s specification thus minimising costs and continue to adhere to methods of best practice which guarantees accuracy and quality datasets.

Highways – Bridge Structures

Bridge structures are considered an essential element of the highway network. Its worth noting a number of historical bridges in the UK date back to the Victorian era (for example the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge) and in order to incorporate modern adaptations into these structures, there is a constant demand for accurate surveys. Here at Pinpoint Mapping we have plenty of experience having surveyed a variety of bridge designs.

Our total stations, 3D laser scanners, lidar and aerial drones are ideal for surveying complex three dimensional detail. These technologies have successfully been implemented to survey on larger and more complex motorway structures. In addition, this level of equipment helps to offset the need for traffic management (e.g. road or lane closures) whilst also overcoming access issues. With a stand-off capability and able to survey from a distance there is no requirement for our highway surveyors to work in the road. We offer a full range of deliverables, each of which can be tailored to suit our individual clients.

Deliverables Include the Following

  • Topographical surveys (2D DWG & 3D DWG)
  • Cross sections (2D DWG)
  • Elevations (2D DWG)
  • Ortho-rectified Aerial Imagery
  • Registered scanned 3D point cloud datasets

We are also able to complete infrastructure surveys in Revit and deliver the outputs as 3D Building Information Models (BIM).


As part of our surveying services we offer competitively priced fees for accurately measuring road boundaries, road markings, utility manhole covers and posts, kerb lines and signage. Our surveys enable the collection of accurate location data which can be applied to new building development schemes, road safety planning, rights of way changes and footpath maintenance programmes. The acquired survey data can be referenced to either a local datum or grid or to the Ordnance Survey National Grid and Datum. All drawings can be supplied as hard copy plans or issued in recognised industry digital formats e.g. AutoCAD, DXF and PDF to the end user.

Prices for surveys are based on the overall project size and are dependent upon variables such as travel to site and length of highway to be measured. If you would like to receive further information regarding costs of our Highway Surveying service then please do get in touch.

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