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Solar Farm Surveys

Solar Farm Surveys in the UK

Pinpoint Mapping provides solar farm surveys for both utility and commercial-scale solar energy land projects in the United Kingdom.

We work alongside green energy companies and planning consultants during all stages of the development and construction of a solar farm site in the UK. We are responsive, flexible and provide reliable solar survey solutions that benefit our clients and the end-user.

The solar farm industry is booming. Many land owners (and business owners) with large tracts of land are considering installing solar farms, either for their own use or to sell energy on to a grid, on their property. However, before a spade even breaks the ground ,its vital to get a survey prior to construction on site commencing.

From a geomatics perspective, our solar farm surveys help in the planning stages, the construction and the running of solar farms. Our involvement from the commencement of a solar farm project to its conclusion (plus ongoing inspection services) can involve the following:

  • Topographical surveys of the proposed site of interest to support planning permissions and enable detailed designs and construction of the site
  • As-built surveys to demonstrate and visualise the true constructed form of the completed site

Aerial drone surveys to visually record solar panels, both visually and thermally, in order to improve efficiencies and site performance

Going Solar: Schedule a Land Survey At the Outset

When developing and building a solar farm site, a land survey is a critical element from the outset. A solar farm survey will provide you with extensive topographical data regarding the solar site of interest thus allowing you to plan for the layout of the solar site. Solar site surveys can be achieved by aerial surveying employing lidar and high resolution imagery, or by traditional means with a surveyor on foot measuring in boundaries of the site, site features and the elevation of the land.

Land surveys can improve the effectiveness and the safety of a solar installation, thereby making a solar farm far more efficient in the amount of sunlight it can harness and productive in the power output it is expected to generate. The efficiency of a solar power installation is greatly impacted by the positioning and aspect of the solar panels so correctly siting a solar farm and planning for its overall layout is critical.

With a completed land survey, simulations can be run showing where sunlight will fall onto the areas of the positioned solar panels ultimately providing a far better visualisation of where the majority of the sun’s energy can be obtained.

Identifying Potential Issues with Surface Topography

A topographic land survey can identify the best possible location for the siting of a solar energy project. A land survey can also help in reviewing site terrain and its relief before the installation and construction of solar panels commences.

A topographic land survey will highlight the terrain relief and aiding the locating of solar panels onto the most level piece of land. Here at Pinpoint Mapping we can assist with two dimensional land survey visualisations (plans and slope sections) plus 3D topographic models.

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