Land Surveying in Bristol

Topographical Surveys in Bristol, the Southwest and across the UK

Pinpoint Mapping topographical surveys combine the latest in laser and GPS technology with a team of highly skilled and professional land surveyors.

Let us help you with achieving the development of your landscape or property project in Bristol, Bath, across the South West, South Wales and London and the Home Counties.

Our surveys are all individually tailored to meet with your precise requirements. We deliver cost-effective drawings in digital 2D and 3D CAD formats (including PDF and DWG files) and where requested we can supply you with hard copy too.

Why Choose Pinpoint Mapping For Topographical Surveys?

Pinpoint Mapping specialises in surveys for land and property development schemes. We use up to date total station technology combining laser and GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment. This ensures each and every topographical survey we carry out matches your individual specification. All of our topographical surveys are related to Ordnance Survey National Grid and are derived using OSTN15 and OSGM15 (read more on topographic surveys and the use of OS coordinate system).

Secondly, we pride ourselves upon offering our customers value for money solutions and the delivery of quality topographical data in digital Autocad file formats and in printed format  .

Our topographical surveys include:

  • Land Surveys
  • Highway Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Surface Levels (Height of Ground Surface)
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Earthworks

Topographical Surveys

What Is a Topographical Survey?

A topographical survey (also sometimes referred to as a topo) is an accurate depiction of an area of land which is scaled and detailed according to the spatial requirements of the site. These type of surveys are an intensive process which requires the services of a survey professional to ensure the accuracy of both the captured data and the drawn up plans.

The purpose of a land survey is to record spatial information, both natural and man-made features relating to the site and incorporate these into a drawn plan. Further information can be integrated into topographical surveys, for example: site sections through particularly diverse slope gradients can be obtained; spot heights of surrounding land and site features such as surveying in roof and window heights of neighbouring properties; and underground utilities information (from ground penetrating radar surveys and utility records data).

Why Should You Commission A Topographic Survey?

Typically topographical surveys are required for the following reasons:

1. It serves as a base line when planning for a new land development site
2. Preparing for a residential new build (or property extension) or a commercial construction project
2. Architects, planners and local authorities all use topographic drawings to assist landscape design and building applications
3. A successful project development requires a highly accurate, a highly informative and a professionally presented plan
4. A surveyor-drafted topographic plan charts all visible surface features present at the property

Features We Include in Our Topographic Surveys

To review the features we include on a site survey please download a copy of our Topographic Survey Specification sheet shown below:

Topographic Survey Specification

Types of Deliverables We Supply

The drawing outputs are supplied by Pinpoint Mapping as PDF plansheets and AutoCAD DWG files (these can be saved to earlier AutoCad versions if required). Where necessary, we can also create a brief survey report that contains details such as traverses, station co-ordinates and accuracies.

Contact Us To Get a Quote

If you wish to discuss any future surveys in Bristol or Bath call us today on 01454 550067 or you can reach out and email us at & provide us with a brief outline of the area you require surveyed. We shall respond with a no-obligation quote outlining our time scales and professional fees on your current project. Alternatively please use our Contact Form provided below and set out some site details and we shall be in touch shortly with a quote for your project.