Aerial Drone Surveying

Aerial Drone Surveying 

Here at Pinpoint Mapping our aerial drone surveying services are proving highly popular with architects, planning consultants and property developers in Bristol, Bath and across the UK.

Our Bristol based CAA qualified aerial drone surveyors can fly and survey the full extent of any permissible Area of Interest. For example whether land, property or assets, our drone surveyors (subject to CAA regulations) can safely acquire digital aerial imagery, both stills and video, extremely quickly. With overhead or low/high oblique flight plans our aerial drones capture great aerial imagery and video. Anything is possible: from rooftop imagery to helping in the writing up of roof condition reports and onto full 3D video animation fly-pasts.

Our drones are also equipped with mounts to attach a lidar sensor onto in order to collect 3D laser scan data. 

Aerial Drone Benefits of Technology

By opting for our 20mp lens or our 100mp camera lens, we can supply sets of high resolution full colour jpeg imagery – we can also provide detail rich 3D point-clouds. We can configure this aerial drone service for the whole site of interest and where a terrestrial laser scan cannot access sufficiently the whole site in its entirety then an aerial drone can complete the point-cloud dataset.

Our lidar system is a great tool for topographical surveys especially in areas of land where tree canopies obscure the terrain below. Lidar has the ability to penetrate tree canopies and map the ground beneath. In one pass, our exceptional drone surveys could save days of traditional surveying and is a seriously cost-effective method.

Topographical Surveys / Land Surveys

One powerful application of aerial drones is performing topographical surveys, especially for those areas of land large in size. Land surveys that would normally take weeks to be completed can now be achieved in just a few days. Set-up time is kept to a minimum as flight plans are drawn up at our office prior to arrival on site. A week’s worth of traditional survey data collection is now seeing survey data captured in just one day by drone technology. Aerial drones can cover sizeable areas of land quickly and we recently flew a 20 acre site surveying it in less than 5 hours.

Another application utilising topographic data are digital elevation modelling (DEMs). In the planning of new land developments elevation data derived from a drone can be easily modelled into 3D visualisations. 3D models can help Bristol architects and civil engineers to communicate information regarding potential changes in the landscape.

Measured Building Surveying

In the house building and property development industries the use of aerial drones is now fully appreciated. Aerial drone imagery is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for a measured building survey, especially where a roof plan is required. Its more affordable and more suitable for a wider range of property options. In addition, we can take aerial drone imagery and produce a visualisation presenting a true 3D model of the area of interest to help architects and engineers to communicate information regarding potential changes.

Aerial Drone Surveying For Property Developers & Housing Builders

Aerial drone surveys are the perfect solution for House Builders and Property Developers:

  • Volumetric Survey Calculations
  • Building Character Assessments
  • Rooftop Inspections & Condition Reports

Precise volumetric calculations are an intrinsic component in the professional management of stockpiles together with all the other facets that underpin the construction process. Assessing the character of a building or inspecting the condition of its rooftop from ground level can prove difficult and in some situations virtually impossible. An aerial drone can completely overcome these potential issues. 

Note that all Drone Survey providers are legally subject to UK aviation regulations: refer to the UK CAA website for further details

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