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Commercial Measured Building Surveys Available Across the UK – Contact Us To Discuss Your Project & Requirements

Here at Pinpoint Mapping we have gained a wealth of survey experience having worked on sites across the UK on numerous commercial projects where there has been a requirement for accurate and precise measured building surveys.

We have successfully supplied clients in the commercial sector with 2D CAD measured survey drawings and 3D Revit building information models for a variety of projects. We have worked on commercial surveys ranging in size from small office spaces to very large office buildings and onwards surveying warehouses and large scientific park sites.

Our typical survey services for commercial properties include measured building surveys, site plans, aerial drone imagery, topographical surveys, 3D Revit models and utility surveys.

Using 3D terrestrial scanners, total stations, GPS and aerial drones, our surveyors undertake a comprehensive site survey of your commercial property and its surroundings expertly recording all of the building’s architectural external and internal features in detail. Note that our survey teams always operate with the aim to minimise disturbance as much as possible to people working within the building.

From the collected data we draw up highly detailed and precise 2D CAD measured drawings including:

  • external elevations
  • internal elevations
  • sections
  • floorplans
  • roofplans
  • ceiling plans

We can also create and provide 3D Revit Building Information Models if you so wish – please click on the link for further information regarding our 3D BIM service.

The level of detail captured on a measured building survey can range from the basic (level changes, windows, doors, walls etc) through to the more complex for example electrical layouts and plumbing schematics. In addition, where requested, our 3D laser scanners can also capture digital imagery of the building and its environment which can be used to create accurate 3D representations of the property.

Once we have received written instructions to progress to site, one of our professional surveyors will visit the commercial property on an agreed scheduled date. Employing the latest in laser scanning survey equipment (that records millions of data points about the building and its local environment), our professional surveyor will scan the property both internally and externally.

On completion of the site survey all the scans are registered into a 3D point cloud. This wealth of data is then entered into a computer-aided design (CAD) program where one of our team will draw up highly accurate elevations (external facades), sections and internal floorplan drawings – these will then be ready for issue typically within 5-7 working days (subject to conditions).

Our Commercial Measured Building Survey Service 

For more information about our Commercial Measured Building Survey or to find the survey that’s right for your project please get in touch with us on 01454 550067 or email where a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to assist with your specific requirements.

Once we have established your survey requirements we will then send you an email containing a free no-obligation quote and advise you on our current lead times.

In a hurry for a measured commercial building survey to be completed? Please do let us know when you get in touch. 

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