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3D Point Cloud Surveys

3D Point Cloud Surveys

Covering Bristol, Bath and the South West, Pinpoint Mapping can supply 3D Point Cloud Surveys to both existing and new clients who prefer to create their own two dimensional plans and three-dimensional models of scanned buildings and landscapes within the built environment.

We use a range of non-invasive laser scanning devices on land surveys and measured building surveys. Laser scanned three-dimensional data can be fully combined into one three dimensional point cloud and then delivered quickly onto the client for them to insert into their own projects. We safely capture millions of point cloud data at millimetre accuracy and then create commissioned 3D building information models (also referred to as BIM) and 2D CAD drawings. 

3D Laser Scanning Technology

The applications of 3D scanning are unlimited. For instance, the technology is deployed into civil engineering, architecture, land surveying and heritage building preservation. When it comes to surveying existing buildings, point clouds are now accepted as the industry norm due to the high degree of precision and accuracy in the point cloud dataset acquired by 3D laser scanning.

3D laser scanning is acknowledged as the industry standard to rapidly acquire accurate 3D datasets. Via scanning technology it is now possible to scan the external and internal elements of an existing building to create a digital ‘cloud’ of geometrical points. 

Our service captures all the necessary geometric point data and where requested, prior to the onsite survey work, the colour information of a building including any heritage or ornamental features can also be included. Point clouds significantly reduce the amount time spent on site and improves survey accuracy.

How It Works

A 3D scanner emits many millions of beams of laser light which strike surrounding surfaces and reflect the point of light back to the scanner. The more time the scanner is scanning the richer the point resolution. Each point contains information (X, Y, Z coordinates) about the distance it has travelled from the scanner plus a colour code (red, green, blue) of the surface it has hit. 

Data from 3D point clouds can then be used to generate the geometry of the building within a BIM enabled CAD software package such as Revit from Autodesk.

Existing As-Built Developments

Architects, civil engineers and other property consultants in Bristol, Bath and the South West are often involved with build projects that require the redeveloping or the refurbishing of existing properties. Many existing buildings do not have models available and this is where a point cloud can help with the creation of an accurate 3D Building Information Model. A BIM can subsequently assist with the design process, assess ongoing progress of a build project and enable better informed decisions.

New Build Projects

On many new build projects our clients now prefer to make use of BIM (short for Building Information Model). A BIM should be established early in any new build project so that it can be fully utilised right through every phase of design and construction until its digital handover to the client on completion of the building. A further benefit to the end-client of having a BIM is the support of facility management: having digital documents recording exactly what materials the building is made up of can help to maximise efficiencies in terms of running costs.


By providing a professional three-dimensional laser scanning technology we save our clients time and money with our 3D Point Cloud survey facility. So, whether its for a right to light project, structural analysis task, construction development or project monitoring, choose Pinpoint Mapping for all your future Architecture, BIM and Civil Engineering needs.

To enquire please use the contact form below or email us on office@pinpointmapping.co.uk with your requirements and we will be in touch shortly to discuss.