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With the growing adoption of BIM, Pinpoint Mapping can provide you with a comprehensive 3D Building Information Modelling service. 

We offer four BIM Levels of Development that you can specify for your next project and all types of property or built construction can be modelled: from the most straight forward of residential property through to more complex and larger buildings such as commercial properties.

Pinpoint Mapping creates intelligent 3D building information models in a number of ways: we can supply you with a full service commencing with a site visit to carry out the necessary 3D laser scanning in order to generate a 3D point cloud; from this point cloud dataset we can then create a digital 3D Building Information Model as per your requested specification.

In addition, where there are already pre-existing 2D floorplans and elevations available or client supplied 3D point clouds then we are able to extract the relevant point data from these to develop a 3D model and save on your costs. Note that we use Revit software to develop our Building Information Models – for more information about Revit software please visit the Autodesk website.

3D Building Information Models are increasingly becoming the go-to digital solution, especially in commercial property where they benefit visualisation, design, fabrication and construction. 3D models are seeing a significant uptake too in government projects due to the continuing advances in construction legislation.

Our models are a great resource for all professional parties and third party stakeholders to take forward. Dependent on which Level of Development you opt for, fees for our BIM services start from as low as £995.00 + VAT.

Building Information Models – Our Levels of Development (LoD)

We offer our customers four individual Levels of Development that are recognised as an industry standard: 

Level 1: Massing

Our 3D LoD1 Massing model is developed to represent building and landscape information at a basic level and is typically used in assessing volumes for new design and builds. Parameters that can be defined within the model are area, height, volume and orientation however the model will not contain any elements such as windows and doors.

Level 2: Structural

Our LoD 2 model incorporates a greater number of features within the 3D model: floors, ceilings, beams, internal walls and partitions, staircases and roofs are all included. The model is supplied without details such as window frames, door frames, fitted interior joinery and units. LoD 2 models are used for building extensions and re-modelling schemes plus can also be utilised in rights of light investigations.

Level 3: Architectural

Here at Pinpoint Mapping our LOD 3 Model is typically our most requested model specification. At LoD 3 all architectural features, both external and internal, are present within the created model. External features include roofs, door frames, window frames, guttering, masonry and internally the model visualises skirting, panelling, fitted joinery and sanitary fittings.

Level 4: High Specification

A LOD 4 High Specification Model from Pinpoint Mapping effectively completes the Level 3 model and includes all Mechanical and Electrical Plant.

Externally a High Specification model features plant at all levels, including tv and satellite aerials, security systems and lighting. Internally electrical systems, ducting, interior lighting, plumbing and radiators are all incorporated.

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If required we can you supply you screenshots of our BIM models and where applicable we can also provide example 3D models that we have previously created to our customers (where we have the client’s permission).

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